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At The G20 St. Petersburg Summit

For the last several days I have been in St. Petersburg Russia to attend the G20 Leaders Summit.  A number of colleagues have joined me here at the media center at the Summit.  I thought before the release of the … Continue reading

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An Encounter in South Africa

                I had the privilege these last few days to join a conversation between US and South African experts, here in Pretoria.  Hosted by Pretoria University and the US Stanley Foundation, the discussion … Continue reading

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In the Can(nes)

A different hijacking possibly – but a hijacking nevertheless.  So that’s how it has gone so far in Cannes. The Greek debt and then the political crisis created by the Greek Prime Minister’s decision to hold a referendum yesterday but … Continue reading

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Sorting Out the G20 Role

The Airport is always a good place to collect one’s thoughts.  And I was struck by an op-ed by Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper placed in Canada’s Globe and Mail prior to soon to occur meetings of G20 Finance Ministers … Continue reading

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Is China Faking it?

When news about the fake Apple store in Kunming China broke out, it further reinforced the image of China as the Mecca of knock-offs. From 50 renminbi (RMB) for a pair of Ray Bans to 10 RMB for a DVD, … Continue reading

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Is Yao Ming a sign of future possibilities for Rising State Celebrities?

This blog post introduces two very different themes about celebrity activism. The first theme concerns the role (or arguably the non-role) of sports celebrities as pivotal activists. Although some sports celebrities do involve themselves in causes there is no sports … Continue reading

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George Clooney – the Out-in-Front Networked Celebrity

[This is another in a series of Celebrity Blogger posts on celebrities and global affairs. Clooney has been very involved South Sudan and you can find information on the Referendum at the Munk School Portal - The Blog Master] Celebrity … Continue reading

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We’re Back! – And Just in Time

A h0st of apologies to all of you that have wandered by, or targeted, this blog.  As you are aware it has been silent over the last few weeks. I want to thank my colleagues at CIGI for allowing me … Continue reading

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Building Identity?

Following the end of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit (SCO), the leaders of the BRICs – Brazil, Russia, India and China met formally for the first time on June 16th.  This leaders meeting caps a series of ministerial gatherings of … Continue reading

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So, Decoupling is not Dead

Jim O’Neill, Head of Global Economic Research for Goldman Sachs, is not ready to declare decoupling dead – at least with regard to the BRICs.  O’Neill, the ‘inventor’ of the BRICs, recently sought to resuscitate the notion that the BRICs … Continue reading

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