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Visiting ‘Up the Country’

I must apologize for a bit of turbulence in the blog posts – read that as missing a few appointed posts. I am in China right now and in Beijing – or as the locals like to say – Yanjing … Continue reading

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Relative Success, Failure, and the Hierarchy of Nations

The conversation about Rising BRICSAM is about changes in the hierarchy of international power and influence. It is interesting to think about the general factors that create changes in the size distributions of actors in competition. Stability and instability. It … Continue reading

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G8 Outreach and the Absence of Hothouse International Institutions

Alan’s post on Monday focused on the views of G8 members about the possibility of expanding their membership. This post was drafted before Alan’s and focuses instead on the G-8′s outreach efforts. I’ve described in previous posts the different bases … Continue reading

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To Enlarge; or not to Enlarge – That is a Question

So is the challenge to legitimacy and the inability of the G7/8 today to solve key global problems – global finance, and climate change but two key problems – leading the Great powers to welcome enlargement? No. That’s not it … Continue reading

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More than you ever wanted to know!

For information on the G7/8 there is one must stop. It is the G8 Research Group. This Group is led by University of Toronto’s political science professor, director and co-founder of the G8 Research Group. It is a major if … Continue reading

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The Creation of Clubs: The BRIC

In a previous post, I distinguished three bases for grouping countries. In this blog, I discuss the BRIC and its possible expansion to BRICSAM in that context. The Creation of Clubs States form international institutions self-consciously to achieve some objective(s). … Continue reading

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Objective, Subjective, and Socially Constructed Groupings in International Politics

BRICSAM is being proffered as a new grouping of states. Alan has written a set of excellent blogs asking whether the BRICSAM states have comparable wealth and power positions and whether all the countries fit in the same category or … Continue reading

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“BRIC by BRIC” Part I

Whether we look at the UNSC-P5 or the industrialized G7/8, or other global governance institutions, the refrain is the same – the organization cannot get the work done given current membership. The organization neither has the economic heft, in some … Continue reading

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Africa’s Champion?

South Africa is a central player in the O5. But is it a BRIC or the extension – B(R)ICSAM/BRICSAM? This a more difficult question. In CIGI Distinguished Fellow Andy Cooper’s Heiligendamm Process Project, we have been fortunate to have Brendan … Continue reading

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