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The Sports Celebrity in the Face of Crisis

Sports and sports players are far from immunized from the realities of the wider social or political life. In some cases this has a beneficial effects on international relations. One instance has been recently marked with celebrations this month of … Continue reading

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The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

All of us – including your faithful Celebrity blogger – love a good celebrity scandal. Who can fail to feel some base satisfaction or schadenfreude when a star is ‘outed’ for nefarious activity and behavior? Think, Tiger Woods as prime … Continue reading

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Seven Reflections on “Troubled Waters”

  Recently the “China Threat” School has focused on the South China Sea as the point of US-China’s most evident flashpoint – and a likely challenge to US influence in Asia.  As noted by Columbia’s Andrew Nathan, there have been … Continue reading

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What’s So Grand About Grand Strategy – Dan Drezner?

So on this auspices July 4th, I want all my American friends to enjoy their Independence Day.  Meanwhile thought I’d focus on US policy.  The impact on global policy and the rising BRICSAM is always significant.  And this is not … Continue reading

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Where Have the Sports Stars Gone?

The reluctance of sports stars to get involved in celebrity activism in any sustained fashion has been a recurring theme of this blogger’s Celebrity posts. I have mentioned this issue in the past with reference to team stars: despite some … Continue reading

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