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The Continuing Tension – Chinese Citizen Activism and More

This summer has seen push back from the laobai xing 老百姓  – the ordinary people and Chinese journalists as well.  It has indeed been a summer of discontent that the Party/State have found it difficult to contain. I suppose it … Continue reading

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Maybe Dan Drezner was Right After All – Drat!

            Back in early April a number of us – Colin Bradford from Brookings, Dan Drezner from and Tufts, myself and Arthur Stein from UCLA  – were ruminating over the effectiveness of the G20 … Continue reading

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The New Celebrity Diplomat

Do style and substance mix in official diplomatic circles? As I have mentioned in an earlier blog post, Richard Holbrooke a unique US foreign policy advisor to many administrations was a rather rare diplomat in combing substance and style in … Continue reading

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From the Bottom Up

[Editorial Note:  It is with pleasure that this humble blogger introduces a new blogger to the Rising BRICSAM site.  Evelyn Chan was a former student of mine at the Munk School and a research assistant.  I have persuaded Evelyn to … Continue reading

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The South China Sea – Is it a Core Interest?

[Ed. note - This piece first appeared at the Munk School of Global Affairs Portal.  It forms the second part of a three part examination by this humble blogger of the contemporary US-China relationship in the context of the South … Continue reading

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