In the Can(nes)

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A different hijacking possibly – but a hijacking nevertheless.  So that’s how it has gone so far in Cannes. The Greek debt and then the political crisis created by the Greek Prime Minister’s decision to hold a referendum yesterday but maybe not today.  In any case President Sarkozy couldn’t avoid the train wreck that Greece brought yesterday.  All the attention here in the media center was on the Greek crisis and the problems of debt in the Eurozone.

It is not that other matters weren’t being addressed.  As I’ve suggested elsewhere and here in past blog posts, I subscribe to the “Iceberg Theory” of global governance.  When the summits are on everyone naturally focus on leaders.  But in the period between summits and during the Summits many officials from a variety of ministries, departments and other institutions are either completing or expanding on reports and communiques that are vital elements in acting on global governance collaboration.

So look for the Action Plan and other reports accompanying the final communique.



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