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Constructing New Leadership

An area of obvious difference between the Brazilian and American experts in Rio de Janeiro at Cebri was the question of leadership actions by the rising states.  Much like the Obama Administration, many US experts urged that Brazil  – as … Continue reading

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The ‘Drug’ of External Trade

Notwithstanding the assurances from China on exchange rate and valuation, the current account surplus that was just announced by the Chinese government has jumped dramatically.  In a WSJ article it is reported that China’s second quarter surplus was $USD72.9 billion … Continue reading

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Moving to Sunnier – at least Warmer – Climes

Barely back from the Seoul Summit, I have had the good fortune to do a little temperature taking _ and I don’t mean the outside temperature – here in Brazil.  With the auspices of Cebri (Brazilian Center for International Relations) … Continue reading

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Whose Irresponsible Stakeholder?

My good colleague from the the Council on Foreign Relations, Stewart Patrick has recently examined the dynamics of global governance in his Foreign Affairs article, “Irresponsible Stakeholders?  The Difficulty of Integrating Rising  Powers” that appears in this November/December issue of … Continue reading

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U.S. Weakness; Chinese Ambivalence

There’s a growing acknowledgment in global governance circles, that China represents a key player along with the United States – at least when it comes to the global economy.  It may not yet be a G2 but it is the … Continue reading

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The ‘Sunshine Summit’

Well you could almost hear the collective community sigh of relief in Korea as the G20 Leaders summit drew to an end.  President Lee  Myung-bak drew the curtain down on the Seoul summit and declared that  “for now, in conclusion, … Continue reading

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Looking at the Round Table

So the pace of the leaders’ summit is quickening. Sitting here at Media Center in the COEX complex with the many press – international and Korean – I am watching the leaders enter the room upstairs.  The President of Korea … Continue reading

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Sitting Patiently

So we’re here at the Media Center for the G20 Seoul summit.  We wait patiently.  Leaders have arrived here at Seoul and are continuing to arrive all day.  The Leaders summit kicks off with a working dinner for leaders tonight … Continue reading

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We’re Back! – And Just in Time

A h0st of apologies to all of you that have wandered by, or targeted, this blog.  As you are aware it has been silent over the last few weeks. I want to thank my colleagues at CIGI for allowing me … Continue reading

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