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The ‘Robin Hood’ Venture – Who is Stealing from Whom?

The Oscar’s are coming up so it is a good moment to delve into a few areas of celebrity activism. One of the most interesting competitions this year at the Oscar’s is for the Best Documentary category – what a … Continue reading

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Step by Step – Building Global Governance

So the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bankers met this weekend in Paris to coordinate efforts on the question of global imbalances.  Overcoming the deep skepticism in the global financial press especially, it appears the meeting took the first step … Continue reading

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You Can’t Go Home!

The events in Egypt continue to resonate with celebrity politics.  Reflecting on my last blog post on the state hold on celebrities  it is useful to focus briefly on Mrs. Mubarak.  A number of Wikileaks about her role show her … Continue reading

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Breaking the Egyptian State’s Grip on Celebrities

The main focus on the events in Egypt has been on the mass gathering of demonstrators in Tahrir Square in Cairo.  These demonstrators became the media heart of the protests against the Mubarak regime. Yet as in other areas I … Continue reading

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Gazing Starward – The Second Annual Princeton Winter Conference

It is hard not to be distracted by the momentous events unfolding in the Middle East  – especially in Egypt.  But I wanted to turn my attention back to last month and specifically January 14-15th at Princeton University.   On that … Continue reading

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