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Asia Pacific Leadership – So Crowded – A Scorecard to Tell the Players Apart

Global summitry was on full display at the early part of the week.   It is again as the week ends.  Many of the Leaders who had just been to the G20 Leaders Summit at Cannes basically turned around and … Continue reading

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Reconciling with the Rise of China

I was fortunate to join colleagues from Harvard, but as well from other US academic institutions  – and colleagues from China as well – in a fascinating discussion here at the Kennedy School over this past weekend.  The workshop was … Continue reading

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G20 Global Governance is Hard Work, World – Get Used to It!

[Editor's Note:  The picture is of the 'super' team of experts and media that Digital20 Project from the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto and the Stanley Foundation (TSF) gathered together for the Cannes Summit.  From left to … Continue reading

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In the Can(nes)

A different hijacking possibly – but a hijacking nevertheless.  So that’s how it has gone so far in Cannes. The Greek debt and then the political crisis created by the Greek Prime Minister’s decision to hold a referendum yesterday but … Continue reading

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Sucking it Up

Plane rides are always good for something.  This plane ride to Cannes – via Frankfurt – and then down to the Cote d’Azur airport in Nice – was valuable in part to catch up on some reading on global summitry.  … Continue reading

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