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Brazil and Global Leadership

Now my excuse on waiting to blog on the Brazil meeting (November 21st-22nd, “Global Leadership: The Role of Brazil and the US and the Agenda for the 21st Century) referenced in my blog post “Constructing New Leadership“, was in anticipation … Continue reading

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Diplomat and Celebrity – Richard Holbrooke Remembered

The tributes to Richard Holbrooke have concentrated on the core components of his career, highlighted by his diplomatic trouble-shooting in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Although his career as a US official dealing with front line conflicts was long and distinguished, … Continue reading

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The Faces of Celebrity Diplomacy

By Andrew F Cooper – University of Waterloo [From the Blog Editor: This is the first blog post by Celebrity Blogger.  This post launches a new series within Rising BRICSAM.  Periodically Celebrity Blogger will provide new insights into the intersection … Continue reading

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China Cannot Rise Peacefully

The title in this blog post is the declared bottom line from John Mearsheimer’s recent speech (given in Australia in August 2010) and the article from the China Journal of International Politics, (Vol 3, 2010, “The Gathering Storm: China’s Challenge … Continue reading

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Jumping to Conclusions

I am becoming slightly obsessed, I think, with the views from the commentariat on the US-China relationship.  So I am joining in on examining the ‘horse  race’ slightly after arguing, I think correctly that you need to avoid the kind … Continue reading

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The Tools of Influence

Again this weekend David Sanger of the NYT has provided some real insight into the ways the US has implemented Barack Obama’s commitment as a candidate to restore “engagement” in US foreign policy.  While I have posed to you – … Continue reading

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The Global Declinist Position

Harvard’s Niall – pronounced like Neal -  Ferguson is an absolutely prolific writer and a creator of some of the more colorful contemporary metaphors for the evolving world.  A good friend was kind enough to forward me a piece that … Continue reading

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